How to Sell a Service to Customers

“Sell a service… I’m a XXXXX, what have I got to sell?”

So you have a service business and you are developing your print material. Now is the time to adjust your perception of what it is your business can offer your clients or customers… to make selling easier for you and more beneficial for them.

Here’s how to make a shift in your thinking…

The key word to investigate is “PACKAGE”. What is it about your particular business, or your industry that you can develop into a “package” of service components, and then promote in print as a “product”?

For your “package” or “product” to be attractive to your clients it MUST address the problem(s) they have that your product will fix or remove. So you can see that you have to look past the tasks you actually perform in your job, and instead think in “customer talk”.

When you or your copywriter set out to write your advertisements, sales information, and similar printed material you can now include in your headlines “This is your problem that I am going to fix”.

Is this your type of business?

For example… a computer repair shop could say “Computer downtime costs you sales and customers… our service package prevents these disasters by…” Then detail the package you have designed to perform the tasks that prevent their pain.

Isn’t that more effective than just saying “We fix computers”, or worse, “Bill Bloggs Computer Service”? When you take the easy path you are in effect saying… “when your computer breaks and you are tearing your hair out because of lost sales, then give us a call and we’ll show up in a day or two!”

Or do you provide a professional service like this?

How about the situation if you are an accountant? Do you operate in the “see you next year Bob” mode so that your clients see you as a cost and not a benefit to them? Once a year at tax time is what they expect from you? They can go broke in that 12 months!

Not many SME business owners are competent finance managers. What they really need is a package of your services to monitor their cash flow, profit and loss figures, and to get some sound advice on balancing their expenditure to get better profit from their labours.

Build those functions into a package and advertise… “Stop your profits bleeding away… our business monitoring system keeps your bank balance healthy”.

Now you get the idea… go over your operations and see what functions you can combine into a package or product that is profitable for you and is a life saver for your clients. Then you have the ideal headline to put into print and drive your business to greater profits.


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